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Comparative regionalism, national identity

Researcher and Associated Lecturer at the IEE-ULB and an Associate Lecturer in Comparative Regionalism at SciencesPo, Paris. He also serves as scientific coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus GEM PhD School on ‘Globalisation, European and Multilateralism’ and the GEM-STONES Marie Curie Innovative Training Network. His research is on comparative regionalism, with a focus on European and Asian realities, the foreign policies of Germany and Japan, and interregionalism. Past publications include: ‘Inter-Regionalism as a Coherent and Intelligible Instrument in the EU’s Foreign Policy Toolbox: A Comparative Assessment’ in The EU’s Foreign Policy: What Kind of Power and Diplomatic Action? (2013), ‘Public Research Projects in Europe and East Asia: Cooperation or Competition? A Comparative Analysis of the ITER and Galileo Experiences’, East Asia (2010); ‘The EU and its Far-abroad: Interregional Relations with Other Continents’, in The European Union and Global Governance (2009); and ‘Japan in East Asia: The Dynamics of Regional Cooperation from a European Perspective’, in Studia Diplomatica (2007). More recent work on interregional trade negotiations include: ‘The Political and Institutional Significance of an EU–Japan Trade and Partnership Agreement’ in The EU and Japan: A New Chapter in Civilian Power Cooperation? (2015) and ‘From Noodle Bowls to Alphabet Soup’ in The Politics of Transatlantic Trade Negotiations (2015).


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