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Chenchen ZHANG

National identity, youth, China

Chenchen is a lecturer (assistant professor) in politics and international relations at Queen’s University Belfast. Before coming to Belfast she was a postdoc researcher at the University of Copenhagen and the Université libre de Bruxelles.

Her research interests lie broadly within social and political theory, political geography, and international relations. Her published work has been focused on citizenship theory, migration and border politics, human rights, and more recently on popular geopolitics and the global influence of “new right” ideas. From September 2020 I am the Forum and Review editor of Geopolitics.

Chenchen Zhang is the producer and co-host of 时差 In-betweenness, a mandarin Chinese podcast that amplifies the voice of young(ish) China scholars. She is the translator of Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me (English to simplified Chinese, People’s Literature Press 2020).


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