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Clémentine LÉONARD

Digital spaces, social networks, self-presentation, Hmong ethnicity, young migrants, Laos

With a strong background in Anthropology of Development and Language Sciences, Clémentine Léonard gained a wide experience in migration and child rights while working in the non-profit sector in Brussels and North-East Laos. After five years of experience in the non-profit sector, Clémentine began her doctoral research as part of the ARC GENEsYs project, on public spaces - physical and digital - as a window to explore how young people migrating to Laos capital define and redefine themselves. Clémentine’s research centered on assessing the dynamics of intra- and inter-group socialization of newcomers, migrants mechanisms in maintaining and creating networks, with a particular attention to the sociolinguistic dimension of their practices. Following this academic experience, Clémentine switched back to the non-profit sector.

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