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China Studies, anthropology, urban studies

Lisa Richaud is FNRS post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratoire d'Anthropologie des Mondes Contemporains (ULB). Her research falls at the intersection of China scholarship, anthropology, and urban studies. She is currently preparing a monograph tentatively entitled Casual Asssemblies: Afterlives of Socialist Amateur Performances in Beijing Public Parks, loosely based on her PhD thesis (ULB, 2016). Focusing on the collective performance of Maoist tunes by Beijing parkgoers, the book asks what happens when a practice once designed to produce socialist commitment is reframed as casual. Peer-reviewed articles also based on her doctoral fieldwork are available in Urban Studies, L'Espace Politique, Civilisations, L'Homme, and The Senses & Society. Previously, Lisa worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the collaborative, ESRC-funded project “Migration, Mental Health and the Chinese Mega-City” (Fudan University and King's College London), where she explored the affective experiences of precarious urban life in a context of rural-to-urban migration. Publications resulting from her ethnography can be found in journals such as International Health (2019), Public Culture (2020) or Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (2020). Her FNRS post-doctoral research project (2019-2022), pending due to the global pandemic, aimed to explore public solitude in the night-time Chinese city. She is also guest editor of a special section on the politics of negative affects in post-Reform China (in progress with HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory).


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